Adam Noggle

Assistant Instructor & Director – Operations

Autobiography of Adam Noggle

Adam Noggle

I have spent the last 17 years training in one form or another. I started my martial arts training at Hartnell College in the system of Yasashii Do and had reached the rank of advanced green by 1996. During this time I was also working with Fred Surber in a form of weapons training called Ryu Kenjitsu. Around that time I started working on other systems and styles including hanging out with my friends and training. I started M.A.I Kenpo under Sifu Fallon in 1996 was ranked Purple Belt before leaving in 1997. After that I went to study with Sifu Luis Castaneda for 6 months until his death and was given the rank of Blue Belt in Yen Ch’ing Tao.

I had stopped training for 18 months following Sifu Castaneda’s passing and then returned to my training with my friend Alex Hernandes and his Grandfather who I had been working with since 1996, and found I had a aptitude for Forms and Katas. In 2000 I was given the rank of Shodan (1st Black) in Shotokan. I went into retirement from Tournament fighting and active training a few months later due to life issues. I did however continue to remember and perform for myself the Katas and Forms I had learned over the 9 years I spent in active training. In 2009 I connected with Steve Zalazowski who I had known for many years and was invited to come watch his class. I never left and doubt I ever will. In mid 2011 I was given by Alex Hernandes the rank of Nidan (2ND Black) In Rising Lotus Shotokan as a final wish of his Grandfather and their Black Belt Board.

In the time I have been with UMASDA I have rediscovered some other talents that I thought were long forgotten. I painted the School mural based on our black belt diplomas, as well as tailored many of our member uniforms. I am learning how to share my knowledge as an Assistant Instructor, and I have been given the great responsibility of being the School Manager. As I have looked back on my time with UMASDA I feel I have found a greater understanding of the little things like stance changes, hip rotation, and an understanding of things I had no clue about in the first place like indexes and angles. I have gone from a long range striker to an in close striker. I am hoping that with more time and training I will be able to one day develop excellent grappling skills and increased throwing ability. I still love being a striker – but I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

UMASDA Black Belt #4
2nd Degree Black Belt, American Martial Science™

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